- Arundel Square   /London Islington 2010

- Radnor Street Gardens /London Islington 2008

- Cornwallis Square /London Islington 2007

- London Fields    /London Hackney 2005

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arundel square

dalston time capsule







  Concrete Ping Pong Table in use spring 2010   London Fields  Hackney

Whilst trying to help introduce new free activities to city communities we feel there should be more participation in the creative process.                    With Pingponginthecity we are organising participatory workshops involving young people and the local community to create permanent play elements and temporary installations within public squares, open parks and zones in the process of redevelopment. The Table in London Fields was shortlisted for the Hackney Design Awards 2008.

>>  Fabrication process of the concrete table tennis table