- sonicplattforming at Spajalica /Rijeka

- sonicplattforming/ Теннисный аудиостол at Guslitsa /Ilyinsky Pogost

- sonicplattforming at Interflugs /Berlin

- sonic pong radio at urban jealousy /Beograd

- Sonic Pong (UV) at Cwm Down to Shunt /London

arundel square

dalston time capsule







sonic plattforming - workshop at Interflugs Summer Academy   August 2009

Interactive sound and play installation, using table tennis, contact mics, found sounds and amplified audio circuits; project in collaboration with James Dunn.

As part of Interflugs summer academy 2009 in berlin we were running a 3-day workshop. Participants were invited to design and create a new communication tool/ installation through the fabrication of a sonic table tennis table from reclaimed and processed materials and sounds.

In the project we see an intervention that uses the detritus and ephemera of our surroundings as the source of its materiality; a reconfiguration of what-is-out-there into something where play and discussion can take place.


The 3 - day design and construction workshop at Ruetlistrasse Berlin Neukoelln: