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SCHODY - Construction workshop with children from Świetlica making 3 tall steps re-using discarded furniture parts.


For us ‘Schody’(in english 'steps') were a simple way to invite people to ‘change their perspective’, to temporarily pause their habitual routine and adopt a different point of view. The idea was partly triggered by the lack of places to sit especially for older people, the structure offers a place to sit but is not a bench. We thought the structure could later be used to ‘test’ other areas outside the courtyard, it could be imagined as a ‘part - tribune’ and serve a communal photo collage project. By moving them around the neighbourhood alongside an accompanying activity we could spread the idea of the residency and through its slight ‘oddness’ invite people to question what was going on.

Part 1: Workshop (children)

Collecting material from the bin areas (old furniture, wooden boards)

Cutting found material to size

Painting the timber boards (the planned themes like bird perspective, catch a shadow weren’t in the end put into practise)

Help screwing the structure together (one or two people at a time)


Part 2: Conversation (passers-by, parents, anyone)

Talking to passers-by, collection of stories from Mlynow and the courtyard history

Questions asked: where and what do you do in Mlynow, what do you like in Mlynow, why are you and what do you do here, what is your favourite dish, what’s your favourite song?