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SONICPLATTFORMING - Workshop and installation at Spajalica Rijeka Croatia May 2013

Plattformer and James Dunn were invited for a two week residency by the Muzej Moderne i Suvremene Umjetnosti(MMSU) Rijeka/Croatia to take part in Spajalica > Copula - Art interventions in public space.

The project was run as participatory workshop that would result in the making of a portable sonic pong installation.

The collective visit of local scrap and recycling yards to reclaim materials for the installation played an important part in the process. As public work base we chose the entrance area of the derelict Teatro Fenice, located on a popular local route of people visiting the centre.

Sound samples of the making, conversations and of favourite places in Rijeka were recorded and edited by the participants and applied as samples to play with to the finished table.

External links:

- www.kamov-residency.org/en/artists-in-residence/copula

- https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=97&v=5TWBnVkXkuA&feature=emb_logo

- http://youtu.be/5TWBnVkXkuA?t=30s

- www.mmsu.hr

photo by Marta Ožanić